Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know…

How much space do you need?

In an ideal world, we require 14ft x 12ft but in honesty, we can fit pretty much anywhere. There’s normally loads of rooms in barns but often in stately homes, we have to cram into corners or alcoves and that’s absolutely fine. If in doubt, send us a photo first and we’ll let you know if there’s likely to be a problem getting us and our gear in but we’ve never had a problem yet.

Do we have to provide anything?

You don’t need to provide anything for us. We bring everything we’re need. If you’re able to feed us and sort us some soft drinks we’d be massively grateful but there’s no contractual obligation to do that. Normally we join with the guests and grab some food from the ‘table’ in the evening food which is fine. All we ask is that you let us know in advance if you’re not having food so we can make alternative arrangements.

What do you charge?

Our fees are solely decided by date. For example, a Wednesday in January would be massively cheaper than a Saturday in August or a Friday in May would be a lot cheaper than New Years Eve which obviously carries a premium price tag. We don’t charge travel expenses as we operate all over the country from Newcastle to Cornwall and everywhere in between

Do you offer a discount for charities?

We certainly do offer a discount for charities though sadly, not on peak dates. We also do two performances each year for our nominated charity, which we change each year. It has previously included Help for Heroes and MacMillan Cancer Support. Please get in touch to see if we can help support your event.

Do you need a dressing room?

If there’s somewhere for us to put our stuff and get changed then that’s awesome. If there’s not, it’s not the end of the world. Most venues have somewhere that’s suitable for us to don our boots and get ready for when it’s showtime!

How does payment work?

Paying your balance is really simple. You have a choice of three options. Our standard terms (50% deposit), 4-stage payment plan or paying monthly. All payment plans are interest free and we’ll provide details along with your quote should you choose to request one.

Do we speak to you before the day?

Yes, we arrange a telephone call with all our clients a couple of weeks before the big day in order to chat through logistics and make sure everything’s sorted. In the meantime, we have a professional manager who ensures that everything runs smoothly and all your queries and answered quickly and concisely which is far better than waiting an age for us to get back to you if we tried to do it ourselves.

Do you bring lighting?

We certainly do! We being lighting to make sure the stage area (uptown 16ft wide) and the front of the dance floor is covered. It’s all the latest LED fixtures with infinite colour combinations and movement to make sure the atmosphere is spot on! We sometimes get asked about mood lighting for the venues but sadly that’s not something we supply.

Do you bring a dance floor?

We fill dance floors but we don’t hire them out I’m afraid. They’re very heavy things that either your venue or a specialist company will need to provide. In most cases, they’re something that are included in your wedding package with your venue but that’s something that you’ll need to check with them. Likewise with staging. We don’t bring any but more often than not, we play on the floor which is absolutely fine and definitely more intimate, which we like!